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You're losing weeks of time each year on menial tasks
Compliance emails & tracking
Reminding clients to do something
Waiting on coworkers to finish tasks
40-50+ hour weeks instead of 30 or less
NIGO cases & amendments
You're burning too much cash on bad tech
You were oversold and they underdeliver
You're trapped in a long-term contract
Too many logins causing chaos
Software fixes are always "almost done"
Not user-friendly, steep learning curve
Your clients get really pissed off with...
Complex practices that create confusion
Not learning from mistakes
Lack of transparency
No clear plans for action
Doing similar tasks multiple times
Your practice's expenses could be so much lower
Mobile work makes long lease expensive
Paying double when team makes mistakes
Team wastes time & money on social media
Office drama(s) causes distraction
Sick days slow everyone down
You could be enjoying time away but can't because...
Your team isn't capable without you
You won't invest in tools you know you need
Your clients demand too much attention
Your process is clunky & seemingly unfixable
Your clients won't refer wealthy friends because...
They assume they're already covered
Your haven't proven yourself yet
You don't use up-to-date technologies
Your fees are too low | too high
Your process doesn't elicit confidence

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