The client onboarding process you want — without all the effort

Complete every enrollment task instantly with Bitsy's all-in-one, automated form-filling platform.

A few of your leading peers who trust Bitsy to grow faster

Enrollment is NOT just opening an account at the custodian, it's so much more...

You are responsible for:

  • Collecting all pertinent data and filling it in across all of your forms

  • Opening all the correct investment accounts at the custodian

  • Delivering form CRS BEFORE you engage in a planning meetings

  • Delivering ADVs BEFORE or WHEN you sign advisory contracts

  • Ensuring risk profiles and suitability are accurate and complete

  • Completing advisory contracts & timestamping signing events

  • Maintaining books and records of all activities during enrollment

  • Keeping CRM and clientele up-to-date

How long is that actually taking you/team?

Bitsy does all of these tasks for you

Faster than you could ever dream of doing them

Prospect to client in under 5 minutes

A proven system built for speed and accuracy — tailored and optimized for your practice.

Trust others like you who onboard with Bitsy

Give all your customers the digital experience they demand — your future depends on it.

Complete all forms accurately & instantly

Eliminate NIGO forever and grow with less stress.

Time is limited, so make the most of it

Why lose hours engaging clients? That's frustrating.

Be a hero and get it all done in under 5 minutes.

Grow in any market because customers always want instant

Guarantee success by investing in an amazing customer experience.

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Advisor Software and Your Competitive Edge
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"Onboarding is fast, easy and headache free." - Jalinski

"Bitsy significantly enhances our onboarding flow while improving compliance requirements.  It's a no-brainer."

Wealth Quarterback is saving 2+ weeks of time every year with Bitsy

Before Bitsy, Wealth Quarterback in New Jersey, was spending roughly 1 hour+ with every new client. After implementing Bitsy, they are onboarding in about 10 minutes. They add at least 100 new clients (continued)

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Clients will love how easy it is to hire you

In a few minutes and a few clicks, hiring you is done ─ a headache free onboarding experience.

Why Bitsy?

Because clients demand fast, easy and safe when hiring you.

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Our Story and Fast Growth as a SaaS Company
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Get results for your business

Leverage the advisor software the nation's best can't live without.

Empowering Teams
Automate your process and grow bigger, faster, all with less effort
Build your desired workflow in a few clicks, or let us do it for you. Friendly updates and reminders for all involved keeps you, your team and clients moving forward, without any extra effort.
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With Bitsy's secure data forms, prospects and clients give you information on their time, not yours. Then Bitsy autopopulates that data everywhere for you!
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Let Bitsy complete all your menial, yet required tasks for you. Everything is done with a few clicks and in less than 5 minutes. See what we mean when you book a short demo below!
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Build your unstoppable client gathering machine

With a few clicks, you can streamline your workflow into one powerfully simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

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eBook: Electrify Client Building
Grow Faster with Less Headache and Mistakes
Learn how to leverage different software tools that are fast, accurate, easy to use and even easier to implement.

Bitsy upgrades your practice with military-grade data security

AES 256-BIT Encryption
Protect your client's data at the highest level.
KYC & client authentication
Reduce compliance risk by quickly and safely identifying your clients.
Secure data sharing
Easily keep clients up-to-date with Bitsy's secure client portals.

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