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AES 256-BIT Encryption
Protect your client's data at the highest level.
KYC & client authentication
Reduce compliance risk by quickly and safely identifying your clients.
Secure data sharing
Easily keep clients up-to-date with Bitsy's secure client portals.
Audit Proof
Enjoy reduced stress during audit
No system can completely remove your audit risks, but with Bitsy's automation platform, you can worry less about making customer engagement compliance mistakes. Automation of certain tasks, like timestamping of contract completion for example, during new client enrollment will instantly reduce your record-keeping requirements. See what else Bitsy's compliance software solves for you on a demo.
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Built-in SEC Approved Compliance
Get more protection than you need
You get perpetually updated compliance procedures automatically built-in with Bitsy's software system. Enjoy worrying less about keeping up with today's client engagement compliance practices, because we'll do that for you. See how on a demo!
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Secure Messaging
Communicate and share data safely with customers
All of Bitsy's connections are secured using TLS 1.2 with a 256-bit symmetric encryption and 2048-bit authenticated key agreement. We mask passwords with a separate salt and encrypt with Bcrypt and enforce minimums for length and complexity, ensuring extreme hacker defense. Data at AWS data centers remains encrypted using 256-bit AES.
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Say Goodbye to NIGO
Instantly eliminate NIGO with compliance software that won't let you make mistakes
Bitsy's system was built to ensure all mistakes during prospect/client engagement are avoided before you're able to make them. Ensuring that you always do things right the first time!
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Access Control
Granular permission settings provide complete access control
Bitsy users at the "Admin" level are the only users with permission to invite others to the data repository. Administrators also have the ability to set specific limits for such invited users. This ensures your data never falls into the wrong hands within your practice.
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Automatic Record-Keeping
Timestamping keeps you ahead of the auditor
All outreach, prospecting and onboarding activities are instantly timestamped to ensure you always have total oversight into your practice, and it's record-keeping requirements for auditors. Always have proof of your growth being above board.
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