This package is for growing teams looking for a way to grow faster, without any added effort.

Sell offers everything you need for keeping deals on track, forecasting future potential and managing customer acquisition life cycles.

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Going from prospect to client is overly complicated

  • You and team already have enough things that slow you down in your day-to-day.

  • Your process is outdated and would-be customers won't spend their time inputting data manually or on paper.

  • Doing any activity more than once hurts your bottom line.

As a growing organization, it's easy to make mistakes and get behind when growth is accelerating. This makes your firm look fragmented and unorganized, which creates distrust within the lifeblood of your practice: your customers.


Easily turn prospects into clients in under 5 minutes

Grow faster, with less error by simplifying and automating the menial (yet required) tasks that slow you down. With Bitsy's automation workspace doing all the heavy lifting for you; you and team can focus on more profitable activities, while enjoying less stress and compliance worry.

Bitsy keeps deals on track by keeping your team and clients on task. You get full visibility into each data point for all customer interactions, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This gives your customers the best first impression of how your practice works behind the scenes.

The results?

  • Less confusion and complexity

  • Better first impressions for clients

  • Minimal effort spent on menial, yet required tasks

  • The client experience you've always wanted

  • Simplicity

  • Less record-keeping work for engagement compliance

  • Less headache and effort for your team

What's included in Sell

  • Collecting all pertinent data and filling it in across all of your forms

  • Opening all the correct investment accounts at the custodian

  • Delivering form CRS BEFORE you engage in a planning meetings

  • Delivering ADVs BEFORE or WHEN you sign advisory contracts

  • Ensuring risk profiles and suitability are accurate and complete

  • Completing advisory contracts & timestamping signing events

  • Maintaining books and records of all activities during enrollment

  • Keeping CRM and clientele up-to-date

Outreach Automation
Simplified data capture and entry that makes the fact-finding and task management process easy.
Secure User Portals
An easy way for customers to securely share their data, receive updates and view disclosures from anywhere.
Analytics & Reporting
Full visibility into activity, outcome data and what generates the best results.
Audit Protection (limited)
Compliance is a robust list of record-keeping requirements. This will reduce that list, and your stress.
CRM Sync
When customer data flows to you, Bitsy automatically updates your CRM instantly.
A significantly enhanced version of Docusign not available to the public.

Standard Platform Features

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