This package is for teams who want to standardize their onboarding operations and improve compliance in regards to customer engagement.

Protect offers everything you need for protecting everything you've built, simplifying compliance audits, standardizing workflows to reduce errors and minimizing your risks as a practitioner.

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Ongoing compliance isn't simple and/or standardized

  • You're struggling to get ahead in the online marketplace with all the landmines of exhaustive regulation.

  • You've been notified of an audit, you're stressed, it's all you think about and/or you've been fined for oversight.

  • You know growth shouldn't be this hard and mistakes shouldn't be happening at this stage of your firm.

Ever-increasing regulatory pressure makes growth unnecessarily hard. You've never had a hard time growing, but now FINRA/SEC continue to make compliance in the online era increasingly difficult.

How are you ensuring your entire team stays within the lines without adding avoidable stress to your life?

How are you protecting what you've worked so hard to build, without losing time to step away and do as you please?


Implement automatic, repeatable process

Bitsy's compliance-centric, data-driven and automated approach to standardizing your back end process, protects everything you've worked so hard to build.

Keep a pulse on your practice's health with customer engagement activity tracking, so you and team can keep moving forward without worry of compliance gaps.

Following FINRA/SEC guidelines, Bitsy keeps you up-to-date with record-keeping compliance workflows, automatically. Eliminate NIGO and customer frustration through process standardization that protects you from avoidable mistakes.

The results?

  • Less operational stress and anxiety

  • Reduced risk and headache during audit

  • More team satisfaction due to less complication

  • Less time spent updating your operations

  • Less mistakes and back end frustrations

  • NIGO elimination

What's included in Protect

  • Collecting all pertinent data and filling it in across all of your forms

  • Opening all the correct investment accounts at the custodian

  • Delivering form CRS BEFORE you engage in a planning meetings

  • Delivering ADVs BEFORE or WHEN you sign advisory contracts

  • Ensuring risk profiles and suitability are accurate and complete

  • Completing advisory contracts & timestamping signing events

  • Maintaining books and records of all activities during enrollment

  • Keeping CRM and clientele up-to-date

Audit Protection
Compliance is a robust list of record-keeping requirements. This will reduce that list, and your stress.
Batched Client Uploads
Instantly import and onboard a large list of new customers at once.
Secure User Portals
An easy way for customers to securely share their data, receive updates and view disclosures from anywhere.
CRM Sync
When customer data flows to you, Bitsy automatically updates your CRM instantly.
A significantly enhanced version of Docusign not available to the public.
Analytics & Reporting
Full visibility into activity, outcome data and what generates the best results.

Standard Platform Features

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