This package is for teams who want a secure and easy data intake process for lead generation.

Prospect offers everything you need for prospecting, booking more meetings, streamlining workflows and building a stronger pipeline.

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Data gathering and entry takes way too long

  • Fillable PDFs and Excel spreadsheets are the last thing potential customers want to interact with.

  • Filling the same form 5 different ways at the doctor's office frustrates you, right? Why ask your team and/or customers to do the same?

  • More touch points creates more possibility for error and frustration for all involved.

In a sea of emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn messages, aggregating a potential customer's data in an organized fashion can get very complicated, very quickly. Manual and redundant data entry create unnecessary friction for you and your prospects.


Simplify & automate your data intake process

Put your data-intake workflows on autopilot with engaging forms that make it easy and safe for prospects to share their information. See our highest performing form

As they give you data, Bitsy instantly auto populates their data throughout your apps. If anyone gets off task, Bitsy automates friendly reminders to get them back on track.

The results?

  • Less chaos

  • Better customer experience

  • Less headache for you and team

  • More trust for your firm and you as a leader

What's included in Prospect

  • Collecting all pertinent data and filling it in across all of your forms

  • Opening all the correct investment accounts at the custodian

  • Delivering form CRS BEFORE you engage in a planning meetings

  • Delivering ADVs BEFORE or WHEN you sign advisory contracts

  • Ensuring risk profiles and suitability are accurate and complete

  • Completing advisory contracts & timestamping signing events

  • Maintaining books and records of all activities during enrollment

  • Keeping CRM and clientele up-to-date

Outreach Automation
Simplified data capture and entry that makes the fact-finding and task management process easy.
Secure User Portals
An easy way for customers to securely share their data, receive updates and view disclosures from anywhere.
Analytics & Reporting
Full visibility into activity, outcome data and what generates the best results.

Standard Platform Features

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