This package is for teams who want to upgrade their back end processes and improve client experiences.

Enterprise offers everything you need for booking more meetings, standardizing operations, reducing compliance gaps and building a better practice for the future.

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Streamlining a large firm is complex and takes time

  • Process overhaul, though it may be required for the next stage of growth, is daunting and wrought with headache.

  • Unifying multiple approaches, breaking bad habits and optimizing for the future is a massive undertaking.

  • Breakdown at any point in the firm creates collateral damage that affects everyone.

The way it's always been done may no longer be valid. Fractured processes and stifling regulatory demands create blind spots. Misalignment between leaders and doers causes missed opportunities and hurts future growth.


Simplify through automatic, repeatable process

Optimize, simplify and automate your backend, so your firm can expedite future online growth that gives a world-class experience to all your customers.

As your team and influence within the community(ies) you serve grows, your practice becomes the hero of many stories. You can attain this future with Bitsy in your corner.

Much like Henry Ford standardized the way cars were built, you can grow consistently and simply with this system.

The results?

  • Simplicity

  • Perpetual relevance in an ever-changing world

  • Happier team, customers and you

  • Improved outcomes for your team

  • Increased awareness of your brand

What's included in Enterprise

  • Collecting all pertinent data and filling it in across all of your forms

  • Opening all the correct investment accounts at the custodian

  • Delivering form CRS BEFORE you engage in a planning meetings

  • Delivering ADVs BEFORE or WHEN you sign advisory contracts

  • Ensuring risk profiles and suitability are accurate and complete

  • Completing advisory contracts & timestamping signing events

  • Maintaining books and records of all activities during enrollment

  • Keeping CRM and clientele up-to-date

Outreach Automation
Simplified data capture and entry that makes the fact-finding and task management process easy.
Secure User Portals
An easy way for customers to securely share their data, receive updates and view disclosures from anywhere.
Analytics & Reporting
Full visibility into activity, outcome data and what generates the best results.

Standard Platform Features

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