Bitsy Advisor, LLC is a technological platform used to disseminate investment advice originating from Brittany Wealth Management, LLC.  Bitsy Advisor, LLC was designed & built by Brittany Wealth Management, LLC.  Bitsy Advisor, LLC is exclusively licensed by Brittany Wealth Management, LLC.

Brittany Wealth Management, LLC. is a registered investment adviser located in Knoxville, TN.   Brittany Wealth Management, LLC and it’s investment advisory representatives are in compliance with current filing requirements enforced by each state in which Brittany Wealth Management, LLC represents clients.

Brittany Wealth Management, LLC only transacts business in such states where registration is currently compliant, or in which states Brittany Wealth Management, LLC qualifies for either an exemption or exclusion from current registration requirements.

Direct communication by Brittany Wealth Management, LLC with a prospective client is handled by a registered representative or a firm representative that qualifies for either an exemption or exclusion from registration in the state where the client and/or prospective client resides.

Past performance is not a guarantee of future positive or negative results.  Therefore, no individual, existing or prospective clientele, should conclude that future performance of any specific investment or investment strategy (including the investments and/or investment strategies currently or previously recommended and/or undertaken by Brittany Wealth Management, LLC) associated to directly or indirectly by Brittany Wealth Management, LLC on its website, or indirectly via communication or relationship to an unaffiliated third party website, will be equal or gainful to the coinciding past performance levels.  Investments of all types involve differing degrees of risk, and due to the nature of such differing investments and/or investment strategies, there can be no guarantee that any specific investment will be profitable or applicable for an existing or prospective client’s investment portfolio.

For current and/or additional information pertaining to the registration status of Brittany Wealth Management, LLC please contact the SEC or the State Securities Law Administrators for those states in which Brittany Wealth Management, LLC maintains current registration.   A copy of Brittany Wealth Management, LLC’s current written disclosure (Form ADV part 2A) discussing services, fees and business operations is available from Brittany Wealth Management, LLC upon written and/or oral request.

Brittany Wealth Management, LLC is required to give any existing or prospective client a disclosure brochure (Form ADV part 2A) before an investment advisory account may be opened for such individual.

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