You're losing weeks of time on menial tasks like...

compliance emails | reminding clients to do something | waiting on coworkers to finish tasks before you can start | 40-50+ hour work weeks instead of 30 or less | NIGO cases
Forrest Tuten
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Gain weeks of time every year by using a few simple, easy-to-implement tools that save at least 20-30 minutes of time each day.

Tell us if this sounds familiar

The relationship with your prospect is improving, you're building trust, you look like a rockstar, they say "you're hired" and you're thrilled, but part of you feels that twinge of "ugh, enrolling them is going to be a bit frustrating". If any part of you agrees with this, keep reading, we've got a few hints to solve your frustrations...

Maybe your team does this for you and you don't care as much, don't worry, you'll still find value reading this.

Even if it's not you feeling the pain of redundant, menial task completion, you're paying for it, right? Yes, you're going to invest that money into your team anyway, but wouldn't you want the most return on your investment possible?

That's where you reallocate their focus from menial tasks to profitable tasks. Like what? Well, client engagement, client retention, prospecting, process improvement, etc. Any of these are better for the health of your business than redundancy, right?

Automate what slows you down

Wouldn't it be better for your practice, your team, your prospects, your clients and you guessed it: you, if you could only focus on what made you the most money and/or made you the happiest as a practicioner?

  1. Stop getting compliance emails with things missed
  2. Stop having to remind clients manually to do something
  3. Stop waiting on other humans to complete something technology can do way faster
  4. Stop working 40-50+ hour work weeks when you could grow the same (or more) only working 30
  5. Eliminate NIGO
Wouldn't it be great to accomplish all this without much effort? Sound like a pipe dream? Maybe, but we think we have an easy solution for you. If that's of interest, keep reading...
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication" - Leonard da Vinci

Bitsy built exactly what you're looking for here, because we were looking for the same thing and just couldn't find it. Would you benefit from:

  • More time to do as you please
  • Your team spending their time as efficiently and profitably as possible
  • Less headache and worry during audit

Why did Henry Ford build the car manufacturing line?

To save time and speed up the process, which led to what? Less time lost, more profit. That's what we're trying to create in our own businesses, right?

After implementing the manufacturing line, he was able to produce 5 cars for every competitor's 1. Think about would a similar gain in efficiency improve your practice? Maybe you want more clients, maybe you want more time. Regardless of your hopes here, you can have both through process automation.

You'd have more time for outreach, prospect/client engagement, time away or whatever else that made you happier than the inefficient grind you're currently in. Sure, it takes a bit of time to build process and efficiencies within your practice, but the gain far outweighs the cost in effort and money. Here's a little caveat to be aware of, Bitsy has made it easy for you to have the client manufacturing line, without much effort, keep reading if that's of interest...

Implement your client manufacturing line today, in a few minutes

You may not want to spend weeks or tens of thousands of dollars building out your automation process because you have other things that need your attention. This is why we did it for you. Here are your alternatives:

  • Hire a tech guru to build out your own native app (high 6/7 figure investment)
  • Hire a support staff to focus only on engagement automation (high 5 figure investment)
  • Piece a few technology tools together (headache and at least 5 figure annual investment)

Or hire Bitsy

You get everything you need to automate your process, enhance compliance, delight customers, gain weeks of time every year that would otherwise be lost on manual tasks and redundancies for a fraction of the price to implement the aforementioned solutions.

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"The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action." - Alexander Graham Bell

What are you waiting for? Isn't your time and success worth taking action?

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