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3 steps to an extra $50K in revenue this year


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3 Steps Every Financial Advisor MUST Take Now to Immediately and Significantly Increase their Income

Instantly improve your financial practice with this speedy guide.


Tech is an investment, not an expense

“The modern advisor – the ‘FlexGen advisor’ – that embraces technology outperforms your traditional wealth manager – growing their number of clients by 5% more than typical advisors, and their assets under management by 9-10% more.”

-Ed O’Brien, CEO eMoney

So, a friend of mine, also a former advisor, established a system within his own financial practice that, in one year, added an extra $52,500 to his already growing income! 

He did this with one VERY SIMPLE TWEAK to his process, and you can absolutely do the same, even within this week if you get to work.  Keep in mind, this is just one of his income bumps in that year, as he was already getting income bumps from new clients and growth of his underlying AUM. 

Is an extra $52,500 interesting to you?  Even if you only achieved half or a fourth, heck even an 1/8th of those results, isn’t that extra bump worth your consideration?

He not only gained a sizable bump in his income, but he significantly shortened his sales cycle and very quickly gained almost a week’s worth of time in that year to spend as he pleased.  I think he fished more 🚤…I probably would’ve played more golf ⛳ with my boys!

If you follow his success, you might fish more too, maybe work more, maybe take that trip with your spouse/partner you’ve been pushing off, more time with the kids, etc.

Whatever it looks like to you, you stand to gain significantly just by reading this and more importantly: by implementing exactly what he did

I’m going to make it super easy for you to attain this method, as quickly as possible, because you’re busy getting things done!  Here’s to going further, faster!


Train your prospects/clients never to reach out to you or your staff directly

You should never go back and forth via text, email or phone when it comes to booking appointments with both new prospects and existing clients.

Why might you ask?

Well, how much time does it cost you?  Maybe not that much in your opinion, but also think about the mental stress and loss in efficiency and how much that might cost you.  As well, you’d be surprised how just a “little time” many times over, can have a major impact, see below… 

Often, you’re right in the middle of dominating whatever task you’re focused on and someone calls or emails, your staff walks in and interrupts your momentum, or worst of all, texts you, and if you’re like me, you stop for a text.  Like a moth to a flame I just can’t help it, that friggin red notification dot MUST be cleared!  

Maybe you’re not like me or many others who struggle similarly, and nothing gets in your way, I’d like a lesson from you!  

Very short blurb about me and why it matters

I recently bought a Triple Bristle toothbrush because it covers my entire tooth in one motion, rather than just covering the top or one of the sides.


I’m now able to brush my teeth thoroughly in 1 minute rather than 2.  Well big deal, right?  

So what does one minute saved every time give me?  Let’s do the math!

Brush teeth 2x/day * 2 minutes = 4 minutes * 365 days = 1,460 minutes (24.3 hours)

Now cut that in half because I’m only spending 1 minute now.  I immediately gained an extra 12 hours this year to use as I please.  Worth every penny of the $8.97 I spend each quarter for my Triple Bristle.  $35.88 ($8.97*4) for 12 hours, a great investment!

Time is your most precious asset, don’t waste it!  Even the simplest amount of time saving in regards to a regular activity (like scheduling appointments) can add up to big gains!

Efficiency is not a bad obsession, though my wife would disagree at times ha!

The same principle applies to your scheduling process.  If you can save even just 1 minute every time, or protect yourself from that distraction that takes you away from smashing your current objective, how much can you gain!?

Not to mention when you train your prospects and clients to use your Calendly or Acuity scheduling (I prefer Calendly, I’ll explain why in a second), appointments just start showing up, rather than having to fight for them or go back and forth with the headache of matching your schedule with someone else’s.  

And don’t give me the “Oh, well my assistant does that”, we’ll let’s smash that objection right here.

How much do you pay them?  $20k/year, $30k, more?  And let’s say only 3% of their time is spent focused on scheduling appointments.  

$20k * .03 = $600 for your assistant to do it


$8 * 12 = $96 for your Calendly to do it

A decrease of 84% in cost(s), not to mention that your assistant can now spend that 3% of their time doing something SO much more profitable and productive, like reaching out to a Client (increases loyalty), or finding new leads, etc.

You just gained mentally and monetarily, two major wins in a matter of minutes!

STEP 1 – TOOL 1:  CALENDLY (recommended – snapshot to the right or below on mobile) or ACUITY (works okay but not favorite)



**I get nothing in return for this recommendation**

Not only is Calendly only $8 per month, but you stand to gain significantly from using this tool even with the free version!

It’s one of the best investments you’ll make in your practice…it’s usually the small stuff that has monumental effects on outcomes.

Achilles’ heel, Faith of a mustard seed, battery in your car, the list goes on

Why Calendly?

I’ve used them both and Calendly is just so much simpler and easier to implement on your website and into your practice.

So, what my advisor friend did, 2 things:

  • He set his parameters as to when he was willing to meet on any given day.
  • He had EVERY prospect and EVERY client book time with him using his virtual calendar.  If a prospect or client tried another way, he would just respond with his Calendly link, you MUST do the same!

Set parameters and train your prospects/clients, this will bless you!

There is no excuse for still letting anyone, no matter how old or against it, not adopt technology.  I’d only give your 3 biggest clients a pass…

Apple didn’t accommodate the people who refused to keep up with the times.  They built photo sharing for the younger generation and if the older generation wanted to remain relevant and connected to their family members, they JUST HAD TO ADOPT, end of story.

What you’ll find when you do this is peace, focus and more control and if you’re like me, those benefits are important to you, so keep reading!

You are in total control of your calendar, and your prospects/clients also feel in control of when they “get” to choose when to meet with you.  Win-Win.

Value your time, because it’s your most precious asset and it’s the only thing you can’t buy more of.

That’s a lot of benefit in just one simple tool, that you might even get for free, and can be easily implemented in a matter of minutes.  

So, is there any reason why you wouldn’t use that tool?

Lastly and *VERY IMPORTANT*,  You MUST set the expectation that they WILL pay you for your time and the plan you’ll be building for them.  If they’re not willing, leave them alone.


So, you need Zoom or GoToMeeting for this one and here’s why this is important.

I personally prefer GoToMeeting but that’s just me.  I like that it’s known for being a bit more secure than Zoom.  

Both of these can be free and you get at least 30 minutes of free time for every meeting, 40 with GoTo.  And here’s the deal, you only need 15 minutes for this first virtual meeting.

First, let’s debunk a terrible habit or method:  Why not meet the prospect for lunch?

Well let’s pause and talk about why lunches waste loads of time:  travel there, small talk before eating, struggling to talk while eating (to not be rude), being tight on time to “get into it” because you have to get back to the office, travel time back, time to reacclimate.

See the problem with lunches!?  

Lunches are reserved for your family/friends, best clients and/or client birthdays, that’s it.  Remember, time is the ultimate resource, don’t waste it!

Another very short blurb about me and why it matters

I have my degree in Behavioral Psychology from The University of Tennessee.  Social Psychology was by far my favorite class and what I spent most of my time understanding.

My closing ratio was always well above 60% because I understood how to work with human behavior.  How to elicit trust with any personality, because of my grounding in what makes each type tick.  Also, because I “got into it” without much small talk.

So, I love reading about psychology and how people tick, so that I can know how to serve them better…

University of Arizona psychologist Matthias Mehl found that people who engage in less ‘small talk’ but instead focused on meaningful conversation, were much happier in general.

Prospects will have more trust for you if you don’t engage in small talk.  They will see that because you don’t waste your own time, you won’t waste theirs, which gives you this social credibility that makes you so much more trustworthy.

With a virtual meeting you will be forced to be ‘on your game’ as you don’t have a ton of time.  You only have a few minutes to get what you need to build a financial plan for them.  

Side note:  In between scheduling the appointments and having the virtual meeting, you need to send said prospects relatively in-depth personal questionnaires.

Here’s why:  you need some baseline information for that 15 minute virtual meeting and you can’t take the virtual meeting unless they do the questionnaire.  In the 15 minute meeting, you’ll only be confirming a few things they said and expanding on a few other important questions.

Bonus:  The prospect will basically do all of your data work for you!

Shameless plug:  Bitsy is about to come out with a pre-meeting questionnaire (PMQ) that is virtual and compliant, and is dynamic enough to be engaging for all prospects of different interest levels.  You include a link in your emails, social media, marketing, etc. and the client will input their information, will be immediately directed to your Calendly, you’ll have a new appointment, and your CRM will create a new household…it’s wildly simple and very efficient!

Send us an email:  [email protected] if you’d like to be notified when that tool is ready.  Simply type in the body of your email “PMQ”

SUMMARY:  Every first meeting should be virtual using the tools listed above, should not involve small talk, and should be kept to 15 minutes or so.  That’s all you  need to very quickly build trust by not wasting your time or theirs, and showing them how much you can do for them in a short period of time…

They’ll be thinking:  “wow, if this guy/gal can do all that in a matter of minutes, how much can they do for me if I hired them!?”


So there has been this build up of anticipation and excitement within the prospect’s mind, that you have now seamlessly created and with a few automation tools that: 

  1. Made your life much easier 
  2. Saved you a lot of money
  3. Reduced your headache
  4. Did a vast amount of your legwork for you

All you have to do now is execute.  If you’re struggling here, then there may be a bigger issue, which we can’t go into here.

So why is asking the prospect to pay for your service important?

Because we don’t value what we don’t pay for.  Psychology 101.  

Here’s how to really get them excited!  Add a few discounts in your pricing.  Tell them you normally charge $895 for a plan but you’re doing it for the next 30 days for $595.  Whatever numbers you want to use are fine, just give a discount AND a timeline.

Show savings and show scarcity by giving a timeline for action.

A:  We as humans LOVE discounts

B:  We as humans make decisions faster if there’s a timeline attached

You will:

Drive more sales and drive more sales, quickly

All while reducing time to execute, increasing income, increasing opportunity.

Another enticing offer:  Tell them you’ll waive the planning fee if they move their assets within the next two weeks!  More discounts, more timelines!  It just works.

Now, if you could fully enroll them in a few minutes without error and with upgraded compliance, that’d be a game changer right!?  If only there was a tool for that!

Oh, wait… THERE IS!!!  That’s what Bitsy does!  GET A PRICE HERE

( gotta practice what we preach right!? )


So the firm my buddy worked for had a few older gentlemen who laughed at this process at the onset, saying this will never work:  “People want to talk to someone to schedule, they want to meet a few times first, they won’t pay you that quickly.”  

Blah blah blah, objection, objection, objection…

Well he picked up an additional 11 paid plans at $500 per ($5,500 extra), $3 Million in new assets at 1.4% ($42,000) and $1 Million in 401(k) at 0.5% ($5,000).

$52,500!!! Increase in annual income

I think he laughed all the way to the bank…don’t you?







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